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I did it. . .. July 26, 2009

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I always said I never would. . . but I did it. I got my son . . . . a play yard. I made it through 2 kids with nothing. No playpens, no play yards . . . and I finally broke down and bought one.

Z's New Play Yard

Z's New Play Yard

He seems to like it lots!! And It totally keeps him from getting into everything!!  My husband says he feels like he is at the zoo now while sitting in our living room.  Though I must say our little Z is the cutest darn animal I have ever seen!! Please let me not be causing him major issue later in life from caging him up now!!!

Kiwi Doing Sponge animals

Kiwi Doing Sponge animals

Yesterday, we didn’t do a whole heck of a lot.  Just the norm. . market day, post office, and store. Blah. . . but Hubby and I went out on our first date since we got here to the island!! We went to dinner and a movie!! Woo hoo!! We saw transformers . . . and it totally rocked!! Dates are fun!!

I did get some new diaper covers while I was out. I brought them home and dyed them with kool-aid.  Man did they turn out super awesome cool!! Check out the colors .. . . I have the coolest looking little man around with these for sure .. . . .

Diaper covers kool-Aid Dyed

Diaper covers kool-Aid Dyed

Today we were so getting up and heading to the beach. . .  we didn’t make it!! (sorry ang)  We got swimsuits on, sunblock on  .. . towels and water loaded up. Halfway there it started to rain .. .  actually it was more like a monsoon!!! There was no way we were going to the beach . .. so home we came to change and instead went shopping!! (I don’t mind shopping) Off to Babies R Us and the Co-op store (my fave store here).

Fun Days 003We started off upstairs at this awesome play place for kiddos. 300yen for 30 minutes, not to bad to let her run out energy. This was Z playing in the little baby area right outside the play place waiting for his sissy.

We then went to Babies R Us. We got Z’s play yard, a new super rockstar binky, and a awesome teething toy that he is totally in love with. I know it does not seem fair that miss Kiwi got nothing, but she literally went psycho crazy as soon as we entered the store. Running around in and out the aisles, into cashier areas and all . .. . .I ended up catching her and taking her to the bathroom for a butt spanking and informed her that she would get NOTHING at Babies R us.   After Babies R Us, it was off to the Co-op!! We got yummy juice, fresh tofu, and some veggies!!! We had the tofu for dinner. . . tofu Bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato sandwiches!!

All in all it was a good day. Wish we could have gone to the beach, but we can always try another day!!!




Tofu Spinach Quiche – YUM July 23, 2009

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sheet of ready made pie crust-pre cook for 12 minutes (check ing.) (I use Marie Calanders Frozen ones)
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
1 lb. (your choice) broccoli or spinach, cooked to just done
1 lb firm tofu, drained
1/2 cup soy milk
2 tablespoons vegan soy parmesan cheese
1/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper


Cook your veggie of choice until just soft. Cook onion and garlic until golden, and add veggie and heat through. In blender, puree tofu, soymilk, mustard, salt, nutmeg, pepper, and soy cheese, until smooth. Pour into large bowl and add the onion and veggie mixture. Combine well. Pour into pre-cooked pie shell, and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 35-40 minutes or until quiche is set. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before cutting.



Makes: 6 servings, Preparation time: 20 minutes, Cooking time: 35 minutes

Source –


Rules Suck!! July 22, 2009

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Ok, so after we got up and around this morning, we went to get my Mom L base passes at both bases. Well, we got there, unloaded the kiddos, and went in. They were like “um. . do you have a power of attorney?” I was like “yes, but no one said I needed it”. Well, it turns out you can’t get visitor passes without the POA!! So, back home we went. I actually found it, which is a huge feat in my monstrous mess of a desk. So, we went back and finally got one. We also got one for the other base.

New Diapers!!

New Diapers!!

While on Kadena, I checked my mail. I was so proud, I haven’t checked the mail but maybe 5 times since we got here. I was super excited because my new diapers came!! YAY!!    They are SO super Cute!!! I totally love them!! Not to mention, they are organic Bamboo and Oh so good for my little man’s Bum!!  I am SO in love with these!!! And come on, aren’t they so cute?!?!?!

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

Today was a total Solar Eclipse. It was the Oddest thing!! We were not able to get glasses to see it, but there was such a huge circular cloud around the sun. It was eerie. The electricity outside was crazy too!!  This is a picture that I stole from a friend of mine who happened to get herself some glasses (thanks Nicole).  It really was truly amazing!! Here is a link with more info – Asia Eclipse.

We went to our little local market in Awase, got some super yummy looking fruits, veggies, and super fresh tofu!! I came home and made some vegan eggplant “Parmesan” (no Parmesan obviously).  It was so yummy!!

We are gonna go watch some TV, drink some wine, and veg out!!



Diapers 003

What hubby did while I blogged!!


Running Red Lights

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I did not write last night, because I went to the airport and got back late. So, I am writing today. Yesterday was CRAZY busy!! I was running around getting everything ready for my (Step) Mom L to get here!! I went upstairs to make her bed, and realized that the AC has been on in that room (set to 16 Celcius) for 2 days now!!! OMG my bill is gonna be through the roof!! Not sure how we forgot to turn it off. . . but we will surely be paying for it in a few weeks.

I did not make dinner last night, we simply had toast, leftovers, and frozen meals. I have been lazy I think. Though I am making a quiche today!

I made it to the airport fine last night, on time and all. On the way home I ran my first official (very plainly) Red Light!! Now, let me tell you a little about stoplights in Japan. … They are freakin nuts!!! First off, they are red lights .. .  but then there are green arrows . ..  pointing in different directions . . . and It is SO confusing!! (Those of you who live here will know what I am talking about).

Well, last night. . . I was sitting in a row of traffic, the first person at the light. There were cars on both sides of me. Well, the light was red, and a green arrow popped up so . .. I went!! Partway through the intersection, I realized that “OMG!! I just ran a red light”.  Well, thankfully no one hit us (or I anyone else) and they were probably just cursing the “Crazy American”  – LOL

Do you ever feel like the picture to the right when you are driving sometimes???


I do!! I think I need to pay more attention when I am driving, I still can not beleive I did that.

Well, either way we made it home, got settled in and went to bed.  Today as I type, is the day of the total eclipse.  We will see 92% Obstruction, the best place to see it is where we are now. . . how Awesomely Cool is That?

Need to run and start my day, I will type more tonight.




Thursday July 16, 2009

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Do you ever have those days where you think “Maybe I should not have left the house”.  Today was one of those days . . .
The morning was fairly uneventful, just the normal routine. I was looking on Okinawa yard sales for a baby swing for Z. Yes, I know he is not really “baby” anymore, but he LOVES his swing. In the portable one he has now, his butt drags on the ground as he is swinging. I need a bigger one. Well, I found the EXACT one I was wanting to get. I if good for up to 30lbs!! It was also a good price. I called on it, and made arrangements to go pick it up. I then called hubby, to see if he wanted to go with me on his lunch and he said yes (which is good, cause I would never have found it otherwise). So, I go pick up hubby, we check the mail (my new diapers are STILL not in) and then head over to pick up the swing!! I was so excited. We even went to get exact change on the way. We pull up to the house, and there are a few girl sitting outside. One of them is one of the girls I met at the commissary yesterday ~ What a small world!! Well, turns out the woman (not grocery store girl) has decided that her daughter likes it now (she is 18 months old) and she doesn’t want to sell it. AHHH SHIT! Are you serious?!!??! I finally found the perfect swing, and she wants to keep it!?!?!? Grrrr. . . so, Z still doesn’t have a new swing. Did I mention how much he LOVES his swing?

After that fiasco, I had to go to the AFRC to find out about FSSA (yes, military uses way to many acronyms). Turns out we qualify. . . now, but only until December!! What the Fu*k?!?! So we could have been getting this all this time up until December?? Well, we aren’t gonna fill out all the crap to only get it for like 5 more months. That would be completely retarded. So, I leave there and take the hubby back to work. I swear they must have passed out “bad driver” pills today on Kadena for breakfast. EVERYONE was nuts!! I was glad to get home.

I finally heard back from the cat breeder in Tokyo and Yippee we are getting our kitties!! I am so super stoked!! I hopefully will get more information in the next few days. The kids are excited as well. They will hopefully help us with all the big icky bugs we have!! The only problem we may have is quarantine issues if we go to England or Hawaii next. So, I hope we don’t go there!!!

Z took a nap, and Kiwi was banned to her room. Guess what I got done?? That is right ~ Sweeping and Mopping!! YIPPEE!! It is finally done .. .  I am sure it will be needing it again in about 2 hours, but hey I got it done and that is the important part. After floors got done, Z woke up and it was time to make dinner. How is it that kids ALWAYS find the smallest piece of “dirt” you missed?? I just swept and mopped everything (we have no carpet on this floor) and z crawls to the door for the bathroom, and notices that I missed the railing for the sliding door. He starts trying to pick up pieces!!! Aaaaggghhhh – he is so busy and mobile!!!

We are doing a leftover dinner night as Hubby is working late. So I Micro’d some Acorn squash to go along with the left over Spinach Quiche. I know Microwaving is not great for you, but I am way to busy of a mom and it is way to hot out to put it in the oven!!!  Z’s dinner tonight. . . Steamed and smashed Beni-imo (a.k.a. Purple sweet potatoes). I tried finding you all more info on these, but could only find this site Purple sweet Potato and this site Okinawa Sweet Potato.  They are super healthy and OMG Soooo Yummy!!! I will surely miss them when we leave here. Hmmmm.. . that gives me an idea. . . I need to make a Beni-Imo Pie. ..  vegan .. .  I will get back to you all on that.

Kids got crazy after dinner. . .  I was to exhausted to deal with them.  Hubby got home a little early and helped get them into bed.  I feel like superwoman in half form .. .  I got the dishes done and the floor mopped today!!  Hubby has a massage at 8pm tonight (cause I am a good wife) so I will have lots of time here by myself. I think I may have to play my Sims 3 game.

As I sit back down to finish this blog, I got distracted (which is quite easy). I started looking up sustainable community living. I know, I am crazy. . .  I just really like the whole “living off the grid” idea. . . and the one I found has food Co-Op’s and such. Not to mention the food is Vegan!! Check it out here – Dancing Rabbit. Let me know if you think I have completely lost my marbles. I would really love this idea .. .  I think.

Either way, I never got around to playing Sims.  Hubby will be home in a few, and we have Army Wives episodes to finish! Yes, my hubby watches Army Wives (he likes it too).
Until tomorrow. . . .



Today’s Quote:

“I am the lizard king. I can do anything.” ~ Jim Morrison


Whimsical Wednesday July 15, 2009

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So this morning was pretty uneventful. After the normal morning routine, I got a hold of the husband and said I would bring him lunch!! So we packed up a chickpea sandwich and some pita chips and headed to . . . . the “other” base. . . (aka – Kadena) LOL. We get there and pick up the husband. Ran a few errands with him, then went to the thrift shop. Let me just say, I LOVE thrift shops. It really feeds my need to shop on those days when I wake up, change my clothes 15 times, and still have absolutely NOTHING to wear. Plus, if you are under a certain rank, you get free thrift store money to spend every month!!! (Yes, I said FREE) So, we had some time left, and hubby sat in the car with the sleeping Z, and miss Kiwi and I headed in to .. . SHOP!!! I found a few things, shirts and skirts. . . they are in the wash now, so I hope they will fit!! Kiwi also got a couple books to add to her Ginormous selection. After we were done there. . . Hubby had to get back, so we went and dropped him off. I thought we would then go kill some time. . . at the Commissary.

A little about me, and the crazy place I call the Nuthouse (aka Kadena Commissary). I do not like going here!! I much prefer the commissary on the base closest to me. We do technically belong to that base, but man . . . that store is stressful!!! Picture if you can, tons of mom’s (normally in bad moods) trying to shop with tired & screaming kids. Not to mention the place is normally PACKED!! Well, today’s visit was abnormally pleasant. I put Z in his new “cart cover”. It is a tattoo print fabric and is super Rockin Cool. Not to mention, he LOVES feeling like a big boy sitting in the cart at the store. As soon as we got there, I ran into a client of mine, whom I love (she is from Washington, could be why we get along, it’s a west coast thing). Found out our hubbies are deploying the same month!! We vowed to get in touch and get together (outside of me doing her hair). So. . . onto shopping. I got way more than I planned, but that is normal ~ for me anyway.  Then I saw this girl, she looked pretty cool.  Her ears were gauged, she had tattoo’s, and she wasn’t 24!!! Well, in the frozen foods section, I decided to talk to her. Boy am I glad I did!! She seems way cool (not from the west coast, but still cool), so did her friend that was with her.  She told me about these get togethers with some “cool people” that they do and invited me to come (This must mean I am now “cool”).  She assured me they were drama free, and a  really great group of friends.  I was excited. And to top it off, her hubby is deploying the same month as mine too!!! So, I took her name. . . and added her to my facebook. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out soon.

I got home, and got the kids and groceries in and started dinner. I was super excited because at the store, I found Vegan pie crust!! I have put off making a quiche becuase I was too lazy to roll my own crust out. I made a spinach quiche (Yes, It’s Vegan ~ No egg) with steamed artichokes on the side. (for those who don’t know how to cook or eat artichokes look here – Artichokes).  Hubby called to tell me he got off early and was on his way home. .. YIPEE!!! We get to eat dinner together.

My Beautiful Quiche

My Beautiful Quiche

I actually got the dishes done while dinner was cooking. . . So MAYBE I can get the floors mopped tonight!! I have a steam mop (bissel I think) and OMG I love that thing!! It is so great, cleans AWESOME and I don’t use any harsh chemicals!! You should seriously look into getting one if you have anything that needs mopped.

I walked to my friendly neighborhood store (next door). Kinju (sp?) owns the store. He is AWESOME!! He translates things for me, gets me special stuff (kinda like special order) and he is just really nice!!  He finds me the most amazingly fresh tofu. . . and fruits/veggies, even special “wine” cooler type drinks and beers!!  Anyway, he is translating a flyer for me on the musical “West Side Story” – he is calling them to ask if they have any shows in english. He is great. .. I like my friendly neighborhood store guy!

Our Beers

Our Beers

While at our little store I picked us up our fave beers. Mine is the peach “wine cooler” thing. Kinju actually said it is Sake, and not wine. But either way it is SUPER yummy.  Tomorrow, he is getting me some fresh Tofu. Yum!!

The night is now winding down, hubby put the kids to bed and  is tuning his guitar (which he has to do every time he wants to play because Kiwi messes with it) and I am sitting here enjoying my peach sake drink typing this for you all.

All in All today was a pretty good day!! Tomorrows Mission . . . . to get the dang floors mopped!!

~ Annastasia


Today’s Quote:

Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they’ve got nothing to lose. ~ Robin Williams

Daddy doing bedtime

Daddy doing bedtime

Z in his walker

Z in his walker


Tuesday’s Tirades July 14, 2009

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I actually got to sleep in today!! If you count 5:45am as sleeping in (which I do)!! After getting up, feeding Z, letting kiwi eat, and showers. . . we were waiting for some friends to come over for a play-date. Diapers are in the dryer, kitchen sink is empty (mostly) and kids are in pretty decent moods. This is going along as a “smooth” morning. Oh about the dryer. . . I accidentally dropped something (not sure what it was) down the dryer vent opening thing where you pull out thingy to clean. I think it was plastic, and well .. . that can NOT be good. But, so far. . . no melting plastic smells. I am not sure how to get this item out. . .. . . hmmm.. .. any ideas are appreciated. 🙂

Well, our friends were supposed to be here at 9:30am, and at 10:30am they still weren’t here. No phone call, no email, just . . Not here.  In light of this situation, let me touch on one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. . .  . BEING LATE. If you are gonna be late, have the common courtesy to call and say something!! Didn’t your mom teach you anything.!?!? It is rude, and shows no consideration or respect for MY time. For me, I am very adamant about being “on time”.  On time to me is 15 min early.  If I get there at the time I am supposed to be (and not early) I freak out a little (inside of course).  I also call if I am going to be running late. I do not want someone sitting around waiting on me, and holding off on doing things around their house (like hanging laundry) in case I show up.  Point blank. .  . IT’S RUDE .. . . call if you are gonna be late.

Ok. . . For my dumba$$ moment of the day .. . . She is supposed to come at 9:30 tomorrow!!! Not today. So, my little rant about being late . . . . well, it isn’t her fault I guess. But still good information for you all to have.

So back at my computer, I check up on this nifty little blog I have started. I notice a spam thing (I think “tag” maybe) and realize that my sweet little site has been scraped!??!?!  OMG!!! What is this you ask .. .

Q. What is a scraper site?

A. Spammers use programs that automatically copy other people’s blog posts and republish them on their own web sites with ads. They do this without the consent or knowledge of the authors of those posts.

Their sole purpose is to generate advertising revenue.

Well,  you can only imagine the Type of site that my stuff was posted on .. . yep, a pornographic one!!! On top of that, they included a link back to my site!!! OMG!!! I have only blogged once and it was stolen!!! Well, smartypants me figures out that I have rights. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) (§ 512(c) of the U.S. Copyright Law) I can file legal action against them if they do not comply. I found out all of their information, including the isp and website owner email and physical addresses and have already sent my first 72 hour “cease and desist using my stuff”  notice. If that gets no where, I have to contact the ISP and file a complaint.  OMG!!! Who knew a blog would be so much of a headache. I also set up privacy crap in the background, and created my copyright licences (see the sidebar). Hopefully. . .  this will not happen again!!

Well, Hubby worked late today (and for the next few weeks I guess) so dinner time was all on me (not that he cooks, but he helps with the kiddos).  After much deliberation, I made chickpea salad sandwiches with Pita chips. YUM!! Kiwi once again didn’t eat. Z had mashed bananas, and proceeded to get them ALL over his face and hair.  No wonder real housewives (As opposed to the one’s on TV with live in Nanny’s) can’t get anything done, you get one thing done and it just leads to another mess!!!  Blah. . .And to top it all off, our “play-date” canceled.  No big surprise, there is always something that keeps her from keeping play-dates (she says her kids are always sick). I need to find new friends for play-dates. Kiwi was super excited about her friend coming over.

The husband is putting miss kiwi to bed . . .  and then it is our time together (for the whole 1.5 hours until bedtime – LOL)  I think we will spend it super romantically .. . . . he’ll do dishes as I sweep the floor. Then he’ll pick up the toys in the living room as I do laundry ..  .. . .. the romance of a married couple!!



Todays Quote –

Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it ~ John Maxwell