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Welcome to my crazy world!! July 12, 2009

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Since this is my first blog, I thought I would explain a few things about my family and this blog.  We’ll start with the name .. . .

Tulip is my nickname from my grandpa. While setting up this blog, I debated and stressed over names. I swear to you this was harder for me than naming my children.  I finally came up with a name “SunshineStories”  .. . . I put it in, press enter. . . and guess what ~ IT WAS TAKEN!!! For the love of god, who would steal MY blog name??? (For the blog I never knew I wanted or that I never thought I would write) Ok, so that minor tirade over, I get back to choosing a name. . . . I came up with “TulipStories” because Tulip is my nickname from my grandpa. For as long as I can remember, he always called me “tulip”.  And since these are all of my stories, I came up with  .. .”TulipStories”.

About my family – My husband and I, along with our 3 children are currently living in Okinawa Japan. We are from The Pacific Northwest, but love our little island life!  Our family is a little crazy, but SUPER loving. I have the best husband in the world. He is my hero, and my best friend. My children. . . well, they are children.  I love them to death, and on occasion, would like to wring their necks!!  I am Vegan, along with my husband and our two youngest children.  My oldest, well, she is at the mercy of whomever is feeding her. So she is a part time vegan. 🙂

Now about this blog. . ..  I see it as a place for me to sometimes bitch, sometimes cry, sometimes laugh and just to generally share my life with others.  This will all be happening through my life’s up’s and down’s. I will try to post as frequently as “Life” allows me to, so that I can keep family and friends updated on our happenings and such.  Keep in mind, any opinions expressed here are solely my own. If our ideas or opinions don’t agree. . . it doesn’t mean I don’t like you or that I am attacking you in any way. They are just MY opinions (which I may share on occasion). Please don’t attack me over my opinions, go start your own blog and start your own bitching and sharing your own opinions on your page, NOT MINE!!

With all that being said, Welcome to my crazy world!! Jump on my Roller Coaster of a blog about my life and hold on. I am sure it will be one hell of a ride!!



PS – Since this IS my first blog, I am learning how this all works. Please bear with me if things aren’t as “smooth” as they should be (or as pretty). Thanks XOXO


One Response to “Welcome to my crazy world!!”

  1. Tara H Says:

    Very cool, I look forward to seeing your days play out here.
    Maybe I can make a guest appearance if we can ever actually get together. (-:

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