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Manic Mondays July 13, 2009

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Ok – so me and like 90% of the population typically do not like Monday’s. Even though I do not work outside of the home, I try to work my butt off in the home. Key word here being “try”.  Monday is the first day of the work week for hubby too. Of course, he had to go in early today. I got up at about 5:00am and had a bit before the kids were up. After getting Kiwi’s Breakfast/Lunch together, and Z’s Bottles washed. .. I sat down to my wonderful computer; my link to the outside world. The kids got up, and Z is teething. He screamed I swear all morning long, except for shower time. With a shower like ours, I don’t know how you couldn’t love the shower .. . .

Our Shower Room

Our Shower Room

Inside the shower room

Inside the shower room

The Japanese Really know how to Shower!!! It is a large room, big enough for me and the two youngest kiddos. I don’t have to worry about “getting water on the floor”, it is all enclosed. I give my 3 year old the shower sprayer and she can have a blast making it “rain”.
Anyway. . . I got NOTHING done today! I was online WAY to much, and the times I wasn’t my son was Crying. I wanted to do laundry and dishes and sweep and mop. . . You know all that SUPERMOM stuff. I really think that I need a cleaning fairy. I would have such a clean house if I could get one of those!!

In case you didn’t know, today is National French Fry Day. . . so guess what we had for dinner. . . that is right FRENCH FRIES!!! In case you haven’t tried it, Banana Katsup is the BOMB!! Thanks to my Girl Tara, I would never have known about this great product!!!  I was completely shocked at dinner when my 3 year old Kiwi at ALL of her dinner!!! Well, most all, she didn’t eat the leafy greens, but she ate everything else. She is on this “green veggie” aversion.  She won’t even drink a banana/blueberry smoothie (cause she knows I put spinach in it, even when I don’t) you can’t see or taste the greens, but she just “Knows”.  How the heck they know that something green is in it, is beyond me!!

After dinner, and feeling like less thana  supermom (I didn’t get anything cleaned, I yelled at my daughter, and my son drove me nuts) I made a deal with the wonderful hubby. He watched the kids while I did the dishes.  Keep in mind I HATE doing the dishes – I think I would rather walk across hot coals barefoot than do dishes.  Keep in mind we don’t use a dishwasher here, we have a portable one, but because of high electricity, we don’t use it. So. . . It is hand washing for us!!  Of course, as soon as hubby sits down and feeds him. . . he is happy as a clam. No more screaming. . . . at all!!!  What?!?!? I swear he was a holy terror ALL day, screaming his head off.

Ok .. . so he doesn't look like a screaming kid .. . But I swear he was

Ok .. . so he doesn't look like a screaming kid .. . But I swear he was

I thought his head may start spinning at one point. Well, not for Daddy. . . he just sits there and quietly plays. Maybe it was because my husband was playing the guitar. My son loves Music.  I should learn how to play guitar.  That would be great if every time he screamed I just picked up the guitar and started strumming . . . and then, as if like magic. .  he just stops!!  WOW. . . I love music. Such powerful stuff. I will put that on my list of things to learn.. . . .


1. Stripping (Like with a pole)

2. Japanese

3. How to paint

4. Patience (I so don’t have enough of this)

5. How to play the guitar

Now, I do not know WHEN I will be able to learn all of this .. . but, they are on my sheet nonetheless.

Once the kids all got to bed. . . . the hubby and I did  . . . well not really anything.  You know you are getting old when you are too dang tired to stay up past 9:30pm!!!  So after a bowl of Vanilla Soy Ice Cream, a few video games, and making Kiwi’s food for tomorrow. . . . we are off to dream land.

More to come tomorrow. . .


“You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy and the tallest guy in the National Basketball Association is Chinese.”
-Chris Rock


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