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Tuesday’s Tirades July 14, 2009

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I actually got to sleep in today!! If you count 5:45am as sleeping in (which I do)!! After getting up, feeding Z, letting kiwi eat, and showers. . . we were waiting for some friends to come over for a play-date. Diapers are in the dryer, kitchen sink is empty (mostly) and kids are in pretty decent moods. This is going along as a “smooth” morning. Oh about the dryer. . . I accidentally dropped something (not sure what it was) down the dryer vent opening thing where you pull out thingy to clean. I think it was plastic, and well .. . that can NOT be good. But, so far. . . no melting plastic smells. I am not sure how to get this item out. . .. . . hmmm.. .. any ideas are appreciated. 🙂

Well, our friends were supposed to be here at 9:30am, and at 10:30am they still weren’t here. No phone call, no email, just . . Not here.  In light of this situation, let me touch on one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. . .  . BEING LATE. If you are gonna be late, have the common courtesy to call and say something!! Didn’t your mom teach you anything.!?!? It is rude, and shows no consideration or respect for MY time. For me, I am very adamant about being “on time”.  On time to me is 15 min early.  If I get there at the time I am supposed to be (and not early) I freak out a little (inside of course).  I also call if I am going to be running late. I do not want someone sitting around waiting on me, and holding off on doing things around their house (like hanging laundry) in case I show up.  Point blank. .  . IT’S RUDE .. . . call if you are gonna be late.

Ok. . . For my dumba$$ moment of the day .. . . She is supposed to come at 9:30 tomorrow!!! Not today. So, my little rant about being late . . . . well, it isn’t her fault I guess. But still good information for you all to have.

So back at my computer, I check up on this nifty little blog I have started. I notice a spam thing (I think “tag” maybe) and realize that my sweet little site has been scraped!??!?!  OMG!!! What is this you ask .. .

Q. What is a scraper site?

A. Spammers use programs that automatically copy other people’s blog posts and republish them on their own web sites with ads. They do this without the consent or knowledge of the authors of those posts.

Their sole purpose is to generate advertising revenue.

Well,  you can only imagine the Type of site that my stuff was posted on .. . yep, a pornographic one!!! On top of that, they included a link back to my site!!! OMG!!! I have only blogged once and it was stolen!!! Well, smartypants me figures out that I have rights. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) (§ 512(c) of the U.S. Copyright Law) I can file legal action against them if they do not comply. I found out all of their information, including the isp and website owner email and physical addresses and have already sent my first 72 hour “cease and desist using my stuff”  notice. If that gets no where, I have to contact the ISP and file a complaint.  OMG!!! Who knew a blog would be so much of a headache. I also set up privacy crap in the background, and created my copyright licences (see the sidebar). Hopefully. . .  this will not happen again!!

Well, Hubby worked late today (and for the next few weeks I guess) so dinner time was all on me (not that he cooks, but he helps with the kiddos).  After much deliberation, I made chickpea salad sandwiches with Pita chips. YUM!! Kiwi once again didn’t eat. Z had mashed bananas, and proceeded to get them ALL over his face and hair.  No wonder real housewives (As opposed to the one’s on TV with live in Nanny’s) can’t get anything done, you get one thing done and it just leads to another mess!!!  Blah. . .And to top it all off, our “play-date” canceled.  No big surprise, there is always something that keeps her from keeping play-dates (she says her kids are always sick). I need to find new friends for play-dates. Kiwi was super excited about her friend coming over.

The husband is putting miss kiwi to bed . . .  and then it is our time together (for the whole 1.5 hours until bedtime – LOL)  I think we will spend it super romantically .. . . . he’ll do dishes as I sweep the floor. Then he’ll pick up the toys in the living room as I do laundry ..  .. . .. the romance of a married couple!!



Todays Quote –

Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it ~ John Maxwell


2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tirades”

  1. MOM Says:

    I love these blogs you do!
    I would love to see more pic’s of you all also….
    Love you, from me

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