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Whimsical Wednesday July 15, 2009

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So this morning was pretty uneventful. After the normal morning routine, I got a hold of the husband and said I would bring him lunch!! So we packed up a chickpea sandwich and some pita chips and headed to . . . . the “other” base. . . (aka – Kadena) LOL. We get there and pick up the husband. Ran a few errands with him, then went to the thrift shop. Let me just say, I LOVE thrift shops. It really feeds my need to shop on those days when I wake up, change my clothes 15 times, and still have absolutely NOTHING to wear. Plus, if you are under a certain rank, you get free thrift store money to spend every month!!! (Yes, I said FREE) So, we had some time left, and hubby sat in the car with the sleeping Z, and miss Kiwi and I headed in to .. . SHOP!!! I found a few things, shirts and skirts. . . they are in the wash now, so I hope they will fit!! Kiwi also got a couple books to add to her Ginormous selection. After we were done there. . . Hubby had to get back, so we went and dropped him off. I thought we would then go kill some time. . . at the Commissary.

A little about me, and the crazy place I call the Nuthouse (aka Kadena Commissary). I do not like going here!! I much prefer the commissary on the base closest to me. We do technically belong to that base, but man . . . that store is stressful!!! Picture if you can, tons of mom’s (normally in bad moods) trying to shop with tired & screaming kids. Not to mention the place is normally PACKED!! Well, today’s visit was abnormally pleasant. I put Z in his new “cart cover”. It is a tattoo print fabric and is super Rockin Cool. Not to mention, he LOVES feeling like a big boy sitting in the cart at the store. As soon as we got there, I ran into a client of mine, whom I love (she is from Washington, could be why we get along, it’s a west coast thing). Found out our hubbies are deploying the same month!! We vowed to get in touch and get together (outside of me doing her hair). So. . . onto shopping. I got way more than I planned, but that is normal ~ for me anyway.  Then I saw this girl, she looked pretty cool.  Her ears were gauged, she had tattoo’s, and she wasn’t 24!!! Well, in the frozen foods section, I decided to talk to her. Boy am I glad I did!! She seems way cool (not from the west coast, but still cool), so did her friend that was with her.  She told me about these get togethers with some “cool people” that they do and invited me to come (This must mean I am now “cool”).  She assured me they were drama free, and a  really great group of friends.  I was excited. And to top it off, her hubby is deploying the same month as mine too!!! So, I took her name. . . and added her to my facebook. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out soon.

I got home, and got the kids and groceries in and started dinner. I was super excited because at the store, I found Vegan pie crust!! I have put off making a quiche becuase I was too lazy to roll my own crust out. I made a spinach quiche (Yes, It’s Vegan ~ No egg) with steamed artichokes on the side. (for those who don’t know how to cook or eat artichokes look here – Artichokes).  Hubby called to tell me he got off early and was on his way home. .. YIPEE!!! We get to eat dinner together.

My Beautiful Quiche

My Beautiful Quiche

I actually got the dishes done while dinner was cooking. . . So MAYBE I can get the floors mopped tonight!! I have a steam mop (bissel I think) and OMG I love that thing!! It is so great, cleans AWESOME and I don’t use any harsh chemicals!! You should seriously look into getting one if you have anything that needs mopped.

I walked to my friendly neighborhood store (next door). Kinju (sp?) owns the store. He is AWESOME!! He translates things for me, gets me special stuff (kinda like special order) and he is just really nice!!  He finds me the most amazingly fresh tofu. . . and fruits/veggies, even special “wine” cooler type drinks and beers!!  Anyway, he is translating a flyer for me on the musical “West Side Story” – he is calling them to ask if they have any shows in english. He is great. .. I like my friendly neighborhood store guy!

Our Beers

Our Beers

While at our little store I picked us up our fave beers. Mine is the peach “wine cooler” thing. Kinju actually said it is Sake, and not wine. But either way it is SUPER yummy.  Tomorrow, he is getting me some fresh Tofu. Yum!!

The night is now winding down, hubby put the kids to bed and  is tuning his guitar (which he has to do every time he wants to play because Kiwi messes with it) and I am sitting here enjoying my peach sake drink typing this for you all.

All in All today was a pretty good day!! Tomorrows Mission . . . . to get the dang floors mopped!!

~ Annastasia


Today’s Quote:

Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they’ve got nothing to lose. ~ Robin Williams

Daddy doing bedtime

Daddy doing bedtime

Z in his walker

Z in his walker


2 Responses to “Whimsical Wednesday”

  1. Manda Pearl Says:

    OMG! Z has hair now!!! It was just yesterday that I was required to hold him… now he’s triple the size and actually has some distinct features (individuality) aside from the normal baby-cuteness. wow!

  2. MOM Says:

    That is my cutie grandson!!
    I MISS YOU ALL……Love Ya

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