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Thursday July 16, 2009

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Do you ever have those days where you think “Maybe I should not have left the house”.  Today was one of those days . . .
The morning was fairly uneventful, just the normal routine. I was looking on Okinawa yard sales for a baby swing for Z. Yes, I know he is not really “baby” anymore, but he LOVES his swing. In the portable one he has now, his butt drags on the ground as he is swinging. I need a bigger one. Well, I found the EXACT one I was wanting to get. I if good for up to 30lbs!! It was also a good price. I called on it, and made arrangements to go pick it up. I then called hubby, to see if he wanted to go with me on his lunch and he said yes (which is good, cause I would never have found it otherwise). So, I go pick up hubby, we check the mail (my new diapers are STILL not in) and then head over to pick up the swing!! I was so excited. We even went to get exact change on the way. We pull up to the house, and there are a few girl sitting outside. One of them is one of the girls I met at the commissary yesterday ~ What a small world!! Well, turns out the woman (not grocery store girl) has decided that her daughter likes it now (she is 18 months old) and she doesn’t want to sell it. AHHH SHIT! Are you serious?!!??! I finally found the perfect swing, and she wants to keep it!?!?!? Grrrr. . . so, Z still doesn’t have a new swing. Did I mention how much he LOVES his swing?

After that fiasco, I had to go to the AFRC to find out about FSSA (yes, military uses way to many acronyms). Turns out we qualify. . . now, but only until December!! What the Fu*k?!?! So we could have been getting this all this time up until December?? Well, we aren’t gonna fill out all the crap to only get it for like 5 more months. That would be completely retarded. So, I leave there and take the hubby back to work. I swear they must have passed out “bad driver” pills today on Kadena for breakfast. EVERYONE was nuts!! I was glad to get home.

I finally heard back from the cat breeder in Tokyo and Yippee we are getting our kitties!! I am so super stoked!! I hopefully will get more information in the next few days. The kids are excited as well. They will hopefully help us with all the big icky bugs we have!! The only problem we may have is quarantine issues if we go to England or Hawaii next. So, I hope we don’t go there!!!

Z took a nap, and Kiwi was banned to her room. Guess what I got done?? That is right ~ Sweeping and Mopping!! YIPPEE!! It is finally done .. .  I am sure it will be needing it again in about 2 hours, but hey I got it done and that is the important part. After floors got done, Z woke up and it was time to make dinner. How is it that kids ALWAYS find the smallest piece of “dirt” you missed?? I just swept and mopped everything (we have no carpet on this floor) and z crawls to the door for the bathroom, and notices that I missed the railing for the sliding door. He starts trying to pick up pieces!!! Aaaaggghhhh – he is so busy and mobile!!!

We are doing a leftover dinner night as Hubby is working late. So I Micro’d some Acorn squash to go along with the left over Spinach Quiche. I know Microwaving is not great for you, but I am way to busy of a mom and it is way to hot out to put it in the oven!!!  Z’s dinner tonight. . . Steamed and smashed Beni-imo (a.k.a. Purple sweet potatoes). I tried finding you all more info on these, but could only find this site Purple sweet Potato and this site Okinawa Sweet Potato.  They are super healthy and OMG Soooo Yummy!!! I will surely miss them when we leave here. Hmmmm.. . that gives me an idea. . . I need to make a Beni-Imo Pie. ..  vegan .. .  I will get back to you all on that.

Kids got crazy after dinner. . .  I was to exhausted to deal with them.  Hubby got home a little early and helped get them into bed.  I feel like superwoman in half form .. .  I got the dishes done and the floor mopped today!!  Hubby has a massage at 8pm tonight (cause I am a good wife) so I will have lots of time here by myself. I think I may have to play my Sims 3 game.

As I sit back down to finish this blog, I got distracted (which is quite easy). I started looking up sustainable community living. I know, I am crazy. . .  I just really like the whole “living off the grid” idea. . . and the one I found has food Co-Op’s and such. Not to mention the food is Vegan!! Check it out here – Dancing Rabbit. Let me know if you think I have completely lost my marbles. I would really love this idea .. .  I think.

Either way, I never got around to playing Sims.  Hubby will be home in a few, and we have Army Wives episodes to finish! Yes, my hubby watches Army Wives (he likes it too).
Until tomorrow. . . .



Today’s Quote:

“I am the lizard king. I can do anything.” ~ Jim Morrison


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