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Rules Suck!! July 22, 2009

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Ok, so after we got up and around this morning, we went to get my Mom L base passes at both bases. Well, we got there, unloaded the kiddos, and went in. They were like “um. . do you have a power of attorney?” I was like “yes, but no one said I needed it”. Well, it turns out you can’t get visitor passes without the POA!! So, back home we went. I actually found it, which is a huge feat in my monstrous mess of a desk. So, we went back and finally got one. We also got one for the other base.

New Diapers!!

New Diapers!!

While on Kadena, I checked my mail. I was so proud, I haven’t checked the mail but maybe 5 times since we got here. I was super excited because my new diapers came!! YAY!!    They are SO super Cute!!! I totally love them!! Not to mention, they are organic Bamboo and Oh so good for my little man’s Bum!!  I am SO in love with these!!! And come on, aren’t they so cute?!?!?!

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

Today was a total Solar Eclipse. It was the Oddest thing!! We were not able to get glasses to see it, but there was such a huge circular cloud around the sun. It was eerie. The electricity outside was crazy too!!  This is a picture that I stole from a friend of mine who happened to get herself some glasses (thanks Nicole).  It really was truly amazing!! Here is a link with more info – Asia Eclipse.

We went to our little local market in Awase, got some super yummy looking fruits, veggies, and super fresh tofu!! I came home and made some vegan eggplant “Parmesan” (no Parmesan obviously).  It was so yummy!!

We are gonna go watch some TV, drink some wine, and veg out!!



Diapers 003

What hubby did while I blogged!!


2 Responses to “Rules Suck!!”

  1. One Day A Crumpet Says:

    Your blog is great! It’s fantastic that you’re keeping a blog of your experiences in Japan. My childhood was spent in Australia, Canada and the U.S., and I believe that being immersed in different cultures while you’re growing up can really broaden your perspective. Are you & your husband both vegan? My ex and I lived in Taiwan for 6 months a couple years ago (at that time we were both vegetarian) and we really miss the food in Asia-we found it so much easier to eat good, interesting veggie food. How are you enjoying the food in Japan?

    • Annastasia Says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. I love living here and getting to explore this culture with my family. My youngest children and myself are vegan, my oldest and husband are vegan 90% of the time. I love the fresh Tofu here! There is nothing like going to the local market and getting tofu that is still warm and was jsut made a couple hours prior to your getting it!! It is so yummy!! There are a few vegan and macrobiotic restaurants here as well that we enjoy. The only problem I have had, is that they use fish stock in EVERYTHING!! I have to be careful when we eat out.

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