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Running Red Lights July 22, 2009

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I did not write last night, because I went to the airport and got back late. So, I am writing today. Yesterday was CRAZY busy!! I was running around getting everything ready for my (Step) Mom L to get here!! I went upstairs to make her bed, and realized that the AC has been on in that room (set to 16 Celcius) for 2 days now!!! OMG my bill is gonna be through the roof!! Not sure how we forgot to turn it off. . . but we will surely be paying for it in a few weeks.

I did not make dinner last night, we simply had toast, leftovers, and frozen meals. I have been lazy I think. Though I am making a quiche today!

I made it to the airport fine last night, on time and all. On the way home I ran my first official (very plainly) Red Light!! Now, let me tell you a little about stoplights in Japan. … They are freakin nuts!!! First off, they are red lights .. .  but then there are green arrows . ..  pointing in different directions . . . and It is SO confusing!! (Those of you who live here will know what I am talking about).

Well, last night. . . I was sitting in a row of traffic, the first person at the light. There were cars on both sides of me. Well, the light was red, and a green arrow popped up so . .. I went!! Partway through the intersection, I realized that “OMG!! I just ran a red light”.  Well, thankfully no one hit us (or I anyone else) and they were probably just cursing the “Crazy American”  – LOL

Do you ever feel like the picture to the right when you are driving sometimes???


I do!! I think I need to pay more attention when I am driving, I still can not beleive I did that.

Well, either way we made it home, got settled in and went to bed.  Today as I type, is the day of the total eclipse.  We will see 92% Obstruction, the best place to see it is where we are now. . . how Awesomely Cool is That?

Need to run and start my day, I will type more tonight.




One Response to “Running Red Lights”

  1. monicaa Says:

    Cute little blog. So you love it off base huh?
    The eclipse was totally neat , I took a bunch a pics of it and we got to view it pretty well .
    What have you been up to? Us a lot of beach ,snorkling and swim freaking hot !

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