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I did it. . .. July 26, 2009

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I always said I never would. . . but I did it. I got my son . . . . a play yard. I made it through 2 kids with nothing. No playpens, no play yards . . . and I finally broke down and bought one.

Z's New Play Yard

Z's New Play Yard

He seems to like it lots!! And It totally keeps him from getting into everything!!  My husband says he feels like he is at the zoo now while sitting in our living room.  Though I must say our little Z is the cutest darn animal I have ever seen!! Please let me not be causing him major issue later in life from caging him up now!!!

Kiwi Doing Sponge animals

Kiwi Doing Sponge animals

Yesterday, we didn’t do a whole heck of a lot.  Just the norm. . market day, post office, and store. Blah. . . but Hubby and I went out on our first date since we got here to the island!! We went to dinner and a movie!! Woo hoo!! We saw transformers . . . and it totally rocked!! Dates are fun!!

I did get some new diaper covers while I was out. I brought them home and dyed them with kool-aid.  Man did they turn out super awesome cool!! Check out the colors .. . . I have the coolest looking little man around with these for sure .. . . .

Diaper covers kool-Aid Dyed

Diaper covers kool-Aid Dyed

Today we were so getting up and heading to the beach. . .  we didn’t make it!! (sorry ang)  We got swimsuits on, sunblock on  .. . towels and water loaded up. Halfway there it started to rain .. .  actually it was more like a monsoon!!! There was no way we were going to the beach . .. so home we came to change and instead went shopping!! (I don’t mind shopping) Off to Babies R Us and the Co-op store (my fave store here).

Fun Days 003We started off upstairs at this awesome play place for kiddos. 300yen for 30 minutes, not to bad to let her run out energy. This was Z playing in the little baby area right outside the play place waiting for his sissy.

We then went to Babies R Us. We got Z’s play yard, a new super rockstar binky, and a awesome teething toy that he is totally in love with. I know it does not seem fair that miss Kiwi got nothing, but she literally went psycho crazy as soon as we entered the store. Running around in and out the aisles, into cashier areas and all . .. . .I ended up catching her and taking her to the bathroom for a butt spanking and informed her that she would get NOTHING at Babies R us.   After Babies R Us, it was off to the Co-op!! We got yummy juice, fresh tofu, and some veggies!!! We had the tofu for dinner. . . tofu Bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato sandwiches!!

All in all it was a good day. Wish we could have gone to the beach, but we can always try another day!!!




One Response to “I did it. . ..”

  1. MOM Says:

    We need more pic’s of the kids….can you put videos up on this site?
    i would love to see Z walking!!
    Luv ya

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