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So .. . . I am back. . . . August 31, 2009

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So, the trip sucked!!!! Don’t space A!!! That is all I am gonna say about that!!

Though .. . while stateside, I got to go to normal stores like Safeway and Wal-mart!!  I ate Tofutti ice cream sandwiches, and ate soy yogurt (YUM)!!! We bought some clothes, and other needed stuff!! That was good.  We also got to see pretty much our whole family (thanks to a necessitated drive from the bay area to Seattle ~ refer to opening statement) so that part was cool.

Once we got back, things got crazy.  Hubby leaves in a few days, and well. . . . things are nuts.  My oldest started middle school today!!! OMGosh!!! (I cried, Shhhh don’t tell anyone).  Kiwi starts preschool in like a week or so. . ..  just nuts, they grow way to fast!!!

I have been busy discovering the wonderful art of. . . bento.  Bento is a box lunch. The Japanese make some seriously beautiful bento!! Mine. . . well mine is like a white girl trying to make bento. But, I am super proud, and they look good!!

All American Bento

All American Bento

For this bento, I made her Sweet potato fries, Corn Wheels, homemade “chicken” nuggets (they are really just beans and other yummy stuff formed and dipped in corn flakes) with ketchup for dip, Celery/carrot/cucumber sticks, grapefruit slices, salad w/dressing, and a Choco chip cookie for desert. Can you say YUM!!! Anyway, I was rather proud of my bento making power so I thought I would post if for you all to see.

Ok. . . . so my brain is mush from being up since 4am.  Z won’t sleep. . .  So that is all I am going to write today!!