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Craziness and cookies November 16, 2009

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So, obviously. . . I haven’t posted in FOREVER! It has been rough around here the last couple months with the hubby gone. Crazy is the proper word.

Crazy kids

Crazy dog

Crazy messy house

Crazy big bugs

Crazy wife/mom (ME)

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

I am not quite sure how one keeps up with everything without losing their mind when you have kids. I pick up the kitchen, get the dishes done and floor moped. I move on to folding diapers, cycling laundry, and folding clothes ~ Walk back in to the kitchen, there are 15 cans off my ‘exposed’ shelf, tons of kid cups and spoons strewn across the floor, and somehow little man Z got into the Cereal. . . and has manage to get crumbs all over the floor!!! He looks up at me with this “look what I found Mom” look and I have to smile.  Kiwi has managed to mess up the counter with art stuff and food in about 10 seconds flat.  At this point I give up, and decide it is time to do something else until the kids are asleep.

Once the kids are in bed however, there is another problem. IT IS QUIET!!! The last thing I want to do when I have a moment of quiet time, is to spend it “cleaning”!! I normally spend about 15 minutes trying to straighten up the best I can in preparation for the morning tornado’s (Kiwi & Z) that will surely come whipping through the house! No wonder I can’t “cook” breakfast anymore. . . where do you find the time? Cereal it is. Could this be the reason it is always on the floor maybe??

I think life would be wonderful if every mom was issued a “Cleaning Fairy” after she had children.  How wonderful life would be. Mom (and therefore the entire family) would be SO HAPPY!  This cleaning fairy would come along behind all tornado’s and tidal waves and make all things clean again.  No need to find time to clean!! Oh how wonderful that would be!! I wonder where I can find one of these. . .. .

Now. . . off to my Tornado hit kitchen (I think It should be declared a state of emergency) and time to cook dinner. . ..
Here’s to tornado’s!!

Oops, I posted without writing how cookies tie into this. . . well, for me I kind of have a motto .. . “when all else fails, BAKE”!!  So, we have been making TONS of cookies and stuff.  Our new favorite.  .. Peppermint Chocolate Chip!!! Super yum. ..  not so good for my waistline, but very good either way!!  Making cookies when things get crazy may not be a great idea for weight control!!!cookies


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