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Overcoming my addiction November 23, 2009

Filed under: Life,Your Health — Annastasia @ 22:22

So, I have come to realize. . . that I have a full blown addiction.  Before, it was cigarettes. Then it was coffee.  Now. . .  it is something so much harder to kick the habit of. .. .

“Hello, my name is Annastasia. . . and I am addicted to Sugar”


Sugar is EVERYWHERE!!! They put sugar in everything!! I am not sure why they feel a need to put high fructose corn syrup or sugar in just about anything that comes in a box at the store.  Even juice has it!! Yes, kids juice.  We were at a festival for my daughters school, there was lots of juices for the kids, I picked one up, turned it over to read the ingredients (I am sure others thought I was some crazy mom, I am ALWAYS reading labels) and there it was. Ingredient #1, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)!!  YUCK – I am not giving that to my kid!!

So, I have decided to cut all sugar out of my life.  I still allow my children to eat it (the organic kind) in moderation. But none for me. Only stevia (which I can’t get here), Agave nectar (which I can’t get here), or Honey. (looks like I need to make a order)

Today was my 1st full day with no sugar.  .. I feel somewhat like a druggie going through withdrawls. I have had the shakes, hot/cold flashes, and I got a blaring headache!! I broke down by dinner, and had some microwaved apples with some oatmeal and wheatgerm sprinkled over with some all spice. I then drizzled just a small amount of honey over it (like 1/2 tsp). Amazingly, after I ate this, I felt better! Maybe It is just a mental thing that I “need” dessert. . . I dunno

Either way, no more sugar for me!  I will keep you all posted on how this goes! (Did I mention I also cut out flour(breads and such)?)

You may be wondering where this all came from, well this is the book in my amazon wish list – Suicide by Sugar ~  I can only imagine what wonderful things this has to say! If it is anything like slaughterhouse was, I will be glad I have given up sugar by the time I read it.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Susan Schenck (author of the live food factor) writes a review of this book, here is what she said

Sugar addiction, according to studies cited by Appleton & Jacobs, is more addictive than cocaine! If someone has never had an addiction to sugar he or she must have very enlightened parents–or be living in the rural area of some remote part of the world.

On p. 10 the authors list 31 types of sugar. Some are ones many of us have thought of as healthful, such as agave, honey, molasses, raw sugar and maple syrup. But just because they are natural doesn’t mean they are healthful.

Chapter 2 lists 140 reasons why sugar is ruining our health. Each of these has footnotes at the back with scientific studies to back them up. Chapter 3 shows how sugar throws off our body’s homeostasis, disrupting the balance of minerals. Chapter 4 teaches us about how sugar destabilizes our blood sugar, as we learn about glycemic index, glycemic load, 8 things to consider when choosing a carbohydrate, as well as the dangers of the oral glucose tolerance test and better alternatives to use.

In chapter 5 we get the hard facts about soft drinks (you really won’t want to have another one after reading this, I promise!) We learn how to calculate our BMI (body mass index) to see if we are overweight, or even obese. (Currently 74.1% of Americans are overweight!) We learn to interpret deceptive labels, and to calculate the number of teaspoons of sugar in a product. We uncover the horrors of high fructose corn syrup, and how it has a double whammy in creating the obesity epidemic: it becomes fat faster than glucose or sucrose, and it releases the hormone ghrelin which stimulates the appetite. We also discover the alarming truth of what happens when you cook food–how it creates toxic byproducts called AGEs that age you. (If you must cook, steam at low temperatures, and use water.) As the author of a raw food diet book, I was pleasantly surprised that Nancy went into such detail about this.

Chapter 6 discusses some of the major sugar-related diseases and conditions: obesity, hypoglycemia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, dementia, cancer and even epilepsy. Chapter 7 gives us the strategies to fight sugar addiction, choosing from 3 different food plans that involve 5 food categories. There are a few recipes that include sweet potatoes and beets. (When we get off the intense sugars, vegetables like these taste very sweet and satisfying!)

At the end of the book is a glossary, resource guide, recommended reading, and plenty of footnotes to support the authors’ claims. There is also a page on how to order a Body Monitor Test Kit which helps you figure out, through urine tests you do at home, whether your body is in homeostasis or not.

This book is easy to read and a must for the vast majority of eaters–carnivores, frugivores, vegetarians, vegans, etc. All parents and teachers need to read this, no matter how much they think they know about the dangers of sugar.

Hmmm .. . seems like we should all read it!

Happy reading.


2 Responses to “Overcoming my addiction”

  1. alicia Says:

    Crazy next time eat a really sweet piece of fruit! OH the baby and I love frozen blueberries, those get rid of the need for cold sweet. You should so make that war cake I sent you. That would cover the sweet temptation!

  2. ma Says:

    hey girl! that is awesome!! i too am highly addicted to sugar. my body craves it. it’s terrible. you know, though, that i try not to give any to the kids… but its so hard with them getting older not to give them something sweet when their teachers are shoving candy in their pockets…. just not helpful at all. thanks for the post. i’m gonna share. good luck with your no-sugar habits. i should totally do that too… but will i? well………. xoxoxo

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