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Has it been that long??? November 24, 2009

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So today is my son Z’s 363rd day of life! Yes, we are quickly approaching his 1st birthday. This is a sad occasion for me, as he is definitely not my baby anymore. He is still a momma’s boy for sure, but he is getting SO big! I thought I would share in this post some special things about my son since he came into this world.

He was born the day before Thanksgiving (I have a thing for holiday babies I think). He was so beautiful, and SO tiny. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be a mom to a icky dirty boy! Having two girls, I felt I was way under qualified for this job that god had given me. He was such a snuggle bug, as most newborns are.  Because we are way over here and away from family & friends, Hubby had to take the girls home.  Z and I were at the hospital all alone. He was such a wonderful newborn.  He was happy when he was awake, and he slept so good.  He did a 6 hour stretch at the hospital that night!!

From day 1 he was a super mellow, laid back, and chill baby.  He still is.  On Christmas eve (4 weeks old) he slept through the night on his own! He has since then.  We had a few instances of nighttime waking, but they didn’t last long.  We read “Healthy sleep habits, Happy Child” and that helped fix those situations.  I remember when he started crawling, and sitting, and standing.  He was so proud of the fact that he had mastered a new skill. I swore he would never get his first teeth, it seemed he was teething forever! But he now (finally) has his bottom two, and is working on the top two.  He runs everywhere, and he is so animated now with a HUGE personality.

He scrunches his nose, and does this funny breathing thing ~ then cracks up laughing at himself!!  He loves and cuddles his blue stuffed dog (he carries it everywhere). He gleefully rearranges mommies open cabinets, thinking most of it looks better on the floor.  He gets into his cereal, and has figured out how to get the lid open. You would think we never feed him the way he goes crazy for food!

One of his favorite things now that the weather has cooled down is the screen door.  He spends countless hours over there alternating between licking the salt rock, and letting the wind blow his hair!  He loves our salt rock, we will walk right up to it, bend over and lick! It is the cutest thing ever!  And his screen door time, he loves.  He just lets the wind blow through his hair. . .. it is so calming to him.  He will sit or stand at the door for like 15 min at a time. It is nuts!  It sometimes amazes me, the small things that amuse kids. It is wonderful.

This year has seemed to fly by!  I am sad that his daddy had to miss so many wonderful little things he has done. He is such a sweet natured little man.  I love to snuggle with him every morning when he wakes up.  I even like his annoyingly embarrassing high pitch shriek he does when we are out in public. I like to think he is practicing for his lead singer role in a rock band. 🙂

I love my little man SO much! I hope he continues to be as sweet and funny in the years to come. As we move into toddler hood, I hope the road is not too bumpy and full of laughs and smiles!

Happy birthday little man! Momma loves you!


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