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Visions of peppermint and a sick kid in bed November 25, 2009

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With winter coming, so does the “sickies”. I try with a vengeance to keep them out of my home, but they almost always lurk in somewhere. Yesterday, it happened. Kiwi came home from school with a blaring fever of 102.4! Yikes, what was I to do??

Instead of rushing to the medicine cabinet for Tylenol or Motrin, I instead grabbed the herbal tinctures. Sickies are just a result of the body’s effort to remove waste material. There are 4 “chimneys” to do this through, the digestive tract, the urinary system, the skin, and respiratory passages. Fevers are also an effort of the body to “burn up” waste material so it can be easily eliminated. The symptoms of these (fever, flu, couch, sore throat, etc) are not the enemy. They are the result of the body trying to heal itself to get rid of the sickies. the cold symptoms are the bodies way of curing the cold. Anything we do to “suppress” the cold symptoms only prolongs the length of time it takes the body to relieve the sickness. (my own words on the description of sickness given in the ABC herbal book, I LOVE this book).

So, I mixed up a concoction of black elderberry,  Echinacea, goldenseal, and cayenne. I put it into some honey, and she ate it right up!  I gave her two doses of this concoction throughout the evening.  She sipped on Peppermint tea throughout the evening as well.  Before bed, I drew her a nice hot bath (not too hot).  I put Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap in it, along with some tea tree oil and lavender oil.  The skin is your bodies largest eliminative organ. You can get rid of tons of waste from the blood and lymph very quickly this way. She LOVED her bath, she didn’t want to get out, but it was time for brother to go to bed.   She ended up falling asleep on the floor about 20 minutes later, and I carried her to bed.  She woke up in the morning with NO FEVER at all!! I gave her one more dose of the herbal concoction in honey, just to be on the safe side. . and the sickies are gone.  Ash and I also took the same concoction but in water in hopes of preventing catching it. It worked.

Herbs are amazing! One of my favorites right now is Peppermint, maybe because it is getting close to Christmas. Peppermint has SO many uses, and it taste yummy to drink to. Who doesn’t love candy canes?  Peppermint Rocks!

According to Greek mythology, a furious Persephone turned the nymph Mentha into mint. Although myth claims it was born out of anger, peppermint actually has calming effects. It can also remedy many tummy problems.
Peppermint is a yummy way to relieve gas, nausea, and stomach pain, even the stomach flu. It is safe for infants with colic, and has a relaxing effects on them.  You can use it topically for the cooling and relaxing effect it has on the skin. Many commercial  muscle rubs contain peppermint oil to reduce pain, burning, and inflammation. Like other essential oils, peppermint oil is absorbed fairly well. It does need  to be diluted before putting it on your skin. You can use a simple olive oil base of 5 parts oil to 1 part essential oil.  Peppermint tea is also super yummy. I use 100% peppermint, and just brew it in hot water! My son Z, who is 1 LOVES this tea (I dilute it some for him).  It is mommy’s favorite too!

Go forth and learn about herbs, they are natures nutritional supplements!! The ABC herbal book is a great thing to have if you have kids, I refer to mine  a lot!!~


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**Here is an awesome link on Fighting Colds and Flu with elderberry – click here.


I have opened a store! November 24, 2009

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Due to the overwhelming popularity of my “natural living” and what I use for tons of stuff, I have created a store on my blog. You can now go there to buy books that I talk about and review, buy herbs that I use, or the cooking supplies I talk about in my recipes. I figure this will make it easier for you all to see what I am talking about and purchase it for your self if you would like to.

To find my “store” click on the tab on the top of the page to the right of the “about me” tab.  It is titled “store” (duh).

Thanks so much for following my blog.